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Why Carbaazar is your right choice partner to sell your car.

Step 1: Free Inspection

Book an appointment on our website or call us on +91 9090066677. You only need to fill out details about your car like make, model, year and mileage and provide us your basic contact information.

Your car can be inspected at your preferred location. We’ll call you to book the appointment as per your convenience.

One of our trusted and trained ‘inspection engineers’ will inspect your car on more than 125 parameters, which also includes a short test drive and evaluate your car’s conditions to get you the best offer.

Step 2: Value Bidding

Once our inspector engineer evaluates your car, we’ll contact you with a fair value we would expect on the market. With your confirmation, we proceed to find you the best offer.

We will get the best price offer from our channel partners and you are free to make the decision of having an immediate payment.

Step 3: Secure Payment
  • Once you accept the offer price, we initiate the sale.
  • We will do the paper work and free transfer of RC and other documents.
  • You can sit back and get your car sold over a cup of coffee!
  • We make direct payment into your bank account.


Documents I need to bring

When you wait or come for a car inspection, please bring all documents of the car, like the original registration book, warranty book and service history documents (in case of duplicate papers, inform us in advance).

What else do I have to take care

The registered owner of the car must be present for the payment. However, we understand this might not be possible sometimes. In that case, you may provide a signed authorization from the owner to complete the transaction on their behalf.


Valuation bidding

We have a fast buying network of channel partners who actively bid for your car. This ensures that you get the best value for your car.

We make the best price offer to you. Once you accept that, we initiate the car transfer process.

How is the value of my car calculated?

The exact value of the car can only be assessed after an inspection by our professional car inspectors. Factors such as condition of the car, usage of the car and market intelligence incorporating current demand and supply situation play an important role in the generation of the best price. Our nationwide network ensures that we provide the best price for your car!

Which cars we buy or do not buy? We purchase cars that…
  • Have complete, original paperwork and computerised registration plates (additional paper-work may be required if original owner is not available)
  • Have been registered in a city where it has an operational presence
  • Belong to a company if the seller brings an open NOC on an original letterhead stamped by the company. In case an open NOC is not available the cost of transfer will be adjusted in the final price of the car.
We don’t purchase cars that…
  • Required Papers are not clean
  • Are commercial, semi-commercial, government registered, custom auction or part of an amnesty scheme.
  • Are in an open letter
  • Have structural damage, vinyl wraps, repainted pillars, repainted roof top, alterations to the engine, body or electricals, been in major accidents or have opened air-bags.

If your query does not feature in the above list,Please reach us at 90 900 66677. We would be happy to resolve your query.